BarBunn Bistro is a decent place established in 2019 to welcome its guests with quality, taste, and high services standards. BarBunn, located in one of the most beautiful areas of Fethiye, aims to give its guests unforgettable moments with the design of the space and the unique tastes and fun activities that come out of its kitchen.
Although it is a vast venue based on 2500 m2, Barbunn, which aims to provide fast and high-quality service to every customer, has managed to win the title of the largest restaurant in Fethiye thanks to this feature. Thanks to its 800 m2 indoor area and parking, it is the most significant and the most comfortable restaurant. With a restaurant area serving 300 people simultaneously and a live music garden for 350 people, the BarBunn Bistro makes you feel like an extraordinary place.
BarBunn Bistro, which includes the most successful culinary chefs in Turkey, aims to please its guests with a menu that will appeal to every taste. From delicious starters to exquisite main courses, you can discover the most memorable bites of international cuisine with the privilege of the BarBunn Bistro. Moreover, you can enjoy live music and entertainment while having a moment full of flavor. You can take time for yourself in the largest restaurant in Fethiye and have a pleasant moment with the music of famous artists.